Jeff Clarke


Mr. Clarke currently serves as Co-CEO of E.Merge Technology Acquisition Corporation (NASDAQ: ETACU), a special purpose acquisition corporation. Mr. Clarke also serves on the Board of Directors of FTD, LLC. Prior to this, Mr. Clarke spent five years as chief executive officer of Eastman Kodak Company, reducing Kodak’s debt. Mr. Clarke has also held numerous prominent roles within the technology industry, including chief executive officer, chairman and executive chair positions at Travelport Limited, a leading technology and distribution company in the travel industry. He has also served as chief operating officer for CA Software, executive vice president of global operations at Hewlett-Packard and chief financial officer at Compaq Computer. Mr. Clarke is a former director at Dockers, Autodesk, Red Hat, Compuware and UTStarcom. He earned his MBA from Northeastern University and now serves as a Northeastern University Trustee.

Independent Director